Our American Education system, along with everything else in life of course, can use a lot of improvement as we move closer to globalization. The future of America as I see it, easily predicts that our youth will have to meet global standards with regards to professional development, employment, cultural acceptance and competition. Bearing these factors in mind, we can easily state that the future of any nation lies within the youth. To not invest in an entire generation is to not invest in any nation’s future. Instructors have their share of challenges when faced with oversized classroom with unequal pay. The solution to a lot of these challenges is evident. Instructors need better pay, we need to prepare and provide the opportunity for our children to not only meet but exceed global standards if we are to be a prosperous nation again. Welcome to BatalP ii social media marketing radio. The official independent internet radio station of our parent company Batal Productions. Our goal as a radio station is to connect the average everyday consumer with business owners in their local community. We believe that this is the formulae that will create consumer awareness, build brands and create a strong referral service. Radio technology involves the signaling and communication using radio waves, which is nothing more than electromagnetic waves of frequency, ranging between 30 hertz and 300 gigahertz (GHz). They are generated by a transmitter connected to an antenna, which is responsible for radiating the waves. These waves are then used to produce a variety of mass media to be presented to the general public or a large audience. What a lot of citizen of not just our nation but most, hasn’t realized is how important a diversity in media is to our functioning democracy.  As an independent internet radio station dedicated to serving the local community globally, our community driven content from verified subscribers and participating service providers of our production magazine, will eventually leading towards the improvement of public trust and confidence.